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NightFire™ Flashlights

Along with the trusty NightFire™ 900, and NightFire™ 900XC Compact flashlights, we have introduced a powerful and pocketable focus zooming flashlight we like to call, NightFire™ PowerZoom 1000.

 Not only does this compact flashlight produce an incredible 1000 lumens, it also has the added benefit of being able to adjust the focus of the light beam.  Same powerful lithium ion battery for power, and same dependable build quality as our other flashlights.

You will love the NightFire™ PowerZoom 1000! Check it out!

NEW!  NightRider™ Apparel

We have added new designs to our NightRider™ Ball Caps.  We hope you will enjoy the new fresh designs.

You now have a chance at wearing your NightRider™ colours proudly with the new NightRider™ Jacket.  Design cuts for men, women and even youth.  Wear your colours proud! 

NEW!  Commercial LED Lighting

We have added a complete new line up of 120-240V industrial grade LED lighting.

Outstanding efficiencies up to 140+lumens per watt, incredible long life longevity, and fantastic instant on make NightRider™ Commercial Lights the logical choice in retrofitting old lights, or new installations.

We have large line up of lights to choose from. Go ahead and check them out.