Introducing Full Cut Off Wall Packs & Linear High Bay Troffer Lights

"NightRider™ full cut-0ff LED wall packs

are the future of perimeter building lighting."

Full cut-off wall packs offer a full 90º horizontal shield focusing the light down along building wall perimeters illuminating walking zones and building parking while reducing light glare and light trespass into neighboring properties.

  • Perfect for Exterior Walls, Pathways, Entrances
  • Huge energy savings compared to HID
  • Dark Sky compliant
  • Over 50,000hrs rated life (L70)
  • Solid, Durable Aluminum Housing
  • Reduce Light Trespass, Glare, Skyglow
  • Focus light down, not wasted into sky
  • cUL Certified / DLC Certifie
Alley between between buildings using NightRider full cut off led wall packs
Alley between buildings using full cut off led wall packs

Slim Line

80W LED Full Cut Off Wall Pack

80W Full Cut Off Wall Pack


Full Size

120W Full Cut-Off LED Wall Pack

120W Full Cut Off Wall Pack

"NightRider™ linear high bay LED troffer lights

Exceed all expectations for professional lighting."

Designed for easy installation into warehouses, work shops, exhibition halls, arenas, supermarkets, and many other high bay applications.

  • Outstanding Performance (135lm/w)
  • Incredible Energy Savings over Lifespan
  • Easy Install and mounting options
  • Instant On, No buzzing, No Flickering
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Contains No Mercury or deadly chemicals
  • No UV or harmful radiation
  • Pure Daylight increases wakefulness and productivity
  • Very Durable Design
  • cUL Certified / DLC
NightRider™ LED High Bay Linear Troffer Lights in shadow free warehouse
LED High Bay Troffer Light

Private: 170W White High Bay LED Panel Troffer Light

High Bay LED Troffer Light

Private: 240W White High Bay LED Panel Troffer Light

300W White High Bay LED Panel Troffer Light

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