Adapting Corn Lights to Fit Your Fixture

Go from Mogul to Edison Screw or from Edison to Mogul Screw

  Corn Lights make the switch to the more energy efficient and longer lasting LED lighting especially easy. Simply unscrew the old bulb in your existing fixture and replace it with an LED Corn Light.* Depending on your circumstances, however, you might run into one of the following problems: 1. Your fixture requires a light…

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Introducing: 30W Smart Solar LED Light – No Wiring Necessary

Remote Lakeside Cabins with Solar Lights

Light up remote areas. Absolutely no wiring necessary. (exposure to sunlight is required) High output solar panels get charged up during the day and then provide power to high efficiency Epistar LEDs once night sets in. Absolutely no wiring needed! The light is equipped with a photocell sensor and comes with a remote control allowing you to choose…

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Spot Light – Terrace Search and Rescue

Terrace SAR - Group photo during ice rescue training

The Team here at NightRider™ would like to give a big shout-out to the Terrace Search and Rescue Team. NightRider™ LEDS is proud to donate LED Lightbars and LED Flashlights to help Terrace Search and Rescue in all their nighttime rescues and training. Terrace SAR – Group photo during ice rescue training Terrace Search and…

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