The Most Powerful Cube Light Yet

Cube flood lights mounted on truck roof rack and rooftop tent

Introducing the Newest Addition to Our Popular Cube Lights:                     30 Watts and 3,600 lumens. These are the numbers for our newest cube light, N1230. That is almost double the wattage and light output compared to the N1218! 6 x 5W High Power OSRAM LEDs are…

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17″ Class 1 Beacon Bar

Introducing the Newest Member of Our Beacon Line-up:SAE J845 certified and DOT compliant Class 1 Beacon. Perfect for trucks, roadside service vehicles and other vehicles wanting to improve visibility and safety. This 17″ Beacon Bar features 8 amber flashing patterns, 360º light distribution, tough polycarbonate UV resistant dome, and 4 strong magnetic bases for quick…

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Introducing: Heated NightDriver™ Series

Let snow and ice build-up on your lens during the winter months be a thing of the past! Our newest series of light bars has it all: Heated Lens to keep snow and ice from building up, High Power 5W OSRAM LEDs, Narrow Profile, Dual Mounting System, and ECE Certification making it street legal in…

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Introducing: The High Intensity Series

Hydraulic Mining Shovel

LED lights are known to be bright, but this series easily outperforms the rest! Equipped with an internal Temperature Control System or TCS, this series has a much higher light output than other lights.   Why? The TCS is a built-in safety feature that allows lights to run at higher than normal output while preventing…

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LED Headlight Replacement Bulbs are back!

The second generation of OEM replacement LED headlight bulbs are now ready to be installed!   Still just as bright as before but with an improved driver running at lower temperatures.     The innovative all-in-one design efficiently and quickly transfers heat created by the LEDs down to the copper cooling bands. This eliminates the need…

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Adapting Corn Lights to Fit Your Fixture

Go from Mogul to Edison Screw or from Edison to Mogul Screw

  Corn Lights make the switch to the more energy efficient and longer lasting LED lighting especially easy. Simply unscrew the old bulb in your existing fixture and replace it with an LED Corn Light.* Depending on your circumstances, however, you might run into one of the following problems: 1. Your fixture requires a light…

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Driver Pro 9R: Giant Among the Street Legal* Line Up

At 9″ in diameter, 100W and 12,000 lumens per light, the Driver Pro 9R is the brightest of our street legal* ECE certified auxiliary driving lights!   Take the strain off your nighttime driving. Spot wildlife and any other road hazards much earlier by turning your nighttime surroundings into good as day. 34 High Power 5W…

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Introducing: 30W Smart Solar LED Light – No Wiring Necessary

Remote Lakeside Cabins with Solar Lights

Light up remote areas. Absolutely no wiring necessary. (exposure to sunlight is required) High output solar panels get charged up during the day and then provide power to high efficiency Epistar LEDs once night sets in. Absolutely no wiring needed! The light is equipped with a photocell sensor and comes with a remote control allowing you to choose…

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10 Reasons You Want to Use NightRider™ Linear High Bay Troffer Lights

NightRider™ LED High Bay Linear Troffer Lights in shadow free warehouse

« Previous Post Next Post » 10 Reasons You Want to Use NightRider™ Linear High Bay Troffer Lights “NightRider™ linear high bay LED troffer lights Exceed all expectations for professional lighting.” Why choose NightRider™ Linear High Bay Troffer Lights? 10 Big Reasons Why: 1. Specially Engineered for High Bay Large Area Indoor Applications NightRider™ linear…

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Introducing Full Cut Off Wall Packs & Linear High Bay Troffer Lights

Trofers High Bay Maximum Density Warehouse

« Previous Post Next Post » Introducing Full Cut Off Wall Packs & Linear High Bay Troffer Lights “NightRider™ full cut-0ff LED wall packs are the future of perimeter building lighting.” Read: 10 Reasons NightRider™ Full Cut Off LED Wall Packs are Superior Full cut-off wall packs offer a full 90º horizontal shield focusing the…

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Spot Light – Terrace Search and Rescue

Terrace SAR - Group photo during ice rescue training

The Team here at NightRider™ would like to give a big shout-out to the Terrace Search and Rescue Team. NightRider™ LEDS is proud to donate LED Lightbars and LED Flashlights to help Terrace Search and Rescue in all their nighttime rescues and training. Terrace SAR – Group photo during ice rescue training Terrace Search and…

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Street Legal LED Fog Lights Are Here!

Car with NightRider Fog Lights in heavy winter storm

NightRider™ is proud to now provide high output street legal LED fog lights.  Fully SAE J583 Certified and DOT Compliant*.   We are very excited about our new street legal led fog light kit, and have been hearing rave reviews from our dealers on performance. Everybody loves the compact led cube light design, so we decided…

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New! Commercial LED Lighting.

We have added a complete new line up of 120-240V industrial grade LED lighting. Outstanding efficiencies up to 140+lumens per watt, incredible long life longevity, and fantastic instant on make NightRider™ Commercial Lights the logical choice in retrofitting old lights, or new installations. We have large line up of lights to choose from. Go ahead…

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