Introducing: Heated NightDriver™ Series

Let snow and ice build-up on your lens during the winter months be a thing of the past! Our newest series of light bars has it all: Heated Lens to keep snow and ice from building up, High Power 5W OSRAM LEDs, Narrow Profile, Dual Mounting System, and ECE Certification making it street legal in…

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Introducing: The High Intensity Series

Hydraulic Mining Shovel

LED lights are known to be bright, but this series easily outperforms the rest! Equipped with an internal Temperature Control System or TCS, this series has a much higher light output than other lights.   Why? The TCS is a built-in safety feature that allows lights to run at higher than normal output while preventing…

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LED Headlight Replacement Bulbs are back!

The second generation of OEM replacement LED headlight bulbs are now ready to be installed!   Still just as bright as before but with an improved driver running at lower temperatures.     The innovative all-in-one design efficiently and quickly transfers heat created by the LEDs down to the copper cooling bands. This eliminates the need…

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